Friday, November 2, 2007

I am sitting here on a Friday night with my husband Duane just vegging out and trying to come up with a plan where I can quit the "real day job thing" and do this "jewelry thing" full time. That is definetely the GOAL here. But it is definetely not a REALITY. But hopefully it will be and I am a VERY patient person....! (those of you that know me really well are falling on the floor laughing your head off...!!!!) My cute little labrador retrievers Smoke and Zeppo (or as they are affectionately known as "The Boyz") are hanging close by because we just had pizza and they are looking for handouts and/or crumbs. See.....aren't they adorable?

Anyway, I am trying to find the "Friday night kickin' back at home creative juices" but they don't seem to be flowing. I might just let the couch envelop me totally into oblivian tonite. It's cold outside and I am toasty warm snuggled under my fleece throw. Well maybe I will just spend the nite surfing jewelry designer pages looking at all that cool stuff people have made.
Good night for now.

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