Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Historic Day

As like many of you I am watching the inauguration take place for the new president, and may I say I am very HAPPY AND EXCITED to be a part of history in the making. Yes I did vote for Obama.......and let it be said that I did not originally think that I would - only because I wanted Hillary Clinton to be nominated - but I did join the Obama train towards the end of the primary because I believe that Obama could be THE GUY to bring about the change that we so desperately need in this country. So stop reading my blog and turn on your TV or get on the internet - and watch history being made today.



1 comment:

  1. Woke up this morning,decided to stay home and watch history in the making,called work A. hole who answered phone called me a f***ing loser. I said I am watching History, baby! You should check it out. The people who are fighting this are the minority now, we need to remind them of this fact. I am glad I stayed home. no matter what A hole thinks : )