Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some things to help me get over my sadness.....

First thing - My husband J thought a little 8 week old black lab puppy would help me get over feeling so badly over Bodi. So we brought home Caesar on Friday. Our 16 lb bundle of joy!!! What a little demon dog.....chews non-stop, barks at us when we scold him or when we are eating, plays with Zeus like he is 8 months old at least. But oh so cute and so much fun. Such a brat!!!
Second thing - my friend Mike who is an awesome machininst by the way made me this great stainless steel stepped bracelet mandrel with a tang for forming bracelets. He is just so very cool - and he did an excellent job. Thank you very much Mikey!!!! So hopefully I can start making more cuffs and they will look a WHOLE lot better then when I used the shampoo bottle....! Pictures to follow!!!


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