Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tribute to Twilight

Yes I am obsessed with Twilight like half of the planet. I have always had a fascination with vampires - even as immortal bloodsuckers there is a very romantic element to the stories that I love to read about and fantasize. Especially with Twilight, because Stephanie Meyers has made her vampires "vegetarians" as in they only hunt animals, not humans. So it was after falling in love with the love story that I decided to make some bracelets as my tribute to Twilight. I hope you like my designs as much as I liked creating them. More will probably follow these three.
The top one is "Alice" - white freshwater pearls for her skin, black Onyx chips for her spiky hair and oxidized sterling silver to give it an "edgy" look; middle picture is "Pack of Five" to represent the five werewolves - the Pietersite and Labradorite stones change colors in the sunlight and represent the various colors of the wolf; and my favorite is "To Bella, Love Edward" - fabulous greenish Chrysoprase stones remind me of the translucent skin of Edward with veins running through the stones, and the black Onyx are for the dark eyes and the crystal reminds me of the way the vampires look in the sunlight - all beautiful and sparkly.


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