Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's just so green this time of year......

I got up this morning and went outside to greet the day and really noticed just how GREEN it is this time of the year where I live. Even when most plants have died back for the season....there still is an abundance of green in winter - at least in Oregon. With the big evergreen trees and then all the moss and some early periennials, it is really pretty. And if it happens to be raining (which it does most of the winter), and then the sun starts to peak through the clouds, just makes it all brilliantly sparkle - like the best cut of a diamond. So I guess I am one of the few - to really not hate this time of the year. It makes for some wonderful photos.

It also got me thinking on some jewelry ideas so I made this little bracelet with a gorgeous natural piece of green Chalcedony mixed with copper that I hand-formed and added patina for the beautiful sheen. Then I guess I just couldn't get enough of the "green" thing - so I found this most awesome lampworked focal bead made by Blue Seraphim Beads that I purchased this month and then went through my stash and found some other great gemstones for accent and put it all together with (again) copper. To me green just cries out for copper, which is one of my favorite metals to work with. Hope you enjoy them.


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