Saturday, August 7, 2010

The new phone.....

Well I got a new phone.  A Droid to be exact.  And it's kicking my ass.....!  I need to find a small child who can probably teach me how to use the damn thing.  I have been playing on it all day long.  It's finally starting to make some kind of sense I guess....  So very many gadgets!!!  Why does someone need so many gadgets?  But it's just so cool.....!!!!!  It does everything except the laundry and cook and maybe it can do those things also and I just haven't found the right button to push yet.  I am so stoked though.  I look so damn cool with my new Droid!!!  And I just love it when it says "Droid...." in that Darth Vader-type voice.  I think all the people that own Droids should start giving that little wave thing that all Harley riders give when they pass by each other.  Because we are just so very cool and such an elite bunch of techno geeks!!!!!  And pretty soon I will be able to upload posts to my blog directly from my Droid.  How cool is that???  Of course I have to figure that out still.  I can probably find some neighborhood teenager to help me with that.

I will keep you posted.

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