Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is anyone else sick of all the political ads?????

I am so sick of all this political backstabbing and propaganda!!! So glad the elections will soon be over and maybe life can get back to the normal news (murders, robberies, vandalism, bank bailouts.....). Can't everyone just get along????? I would be so re-freshing to have a candidate actually say what he or she is going to do for the people instead of just trashing their opponents. I hear it all day long at work - people arguing back and forth because someone does not share their views and opinions......then at home if I turn on the TV. Non stop political crap!!!!! Hopefully will end soon.

And on a happier note we are enjoying our new Lab puppy monster even though he chews like he is a member of the pirahna family. 40+ lbs at 18 weeks - YIKES what were we thinking!!!!! We call him Zeus and it seems to fit him well. So now we have Zeus and Zeppo. They both miss Smokie very much - almost as much as I do.

Well signing off now to watch Nascar - Go Dale jr. (yes I am a closet motor head - who would a thought?????)



  1. I totally agree! I love your blog and I love your designs. You are super talented Kim!!

    lots of love

  2. This whole thing can't be over soon enough for me either! You've got a great blog here and a really nice shop as well!