Monday, January 12, 2009

Got the creative juices flowin'.....

Finally got out of the holiday blues and into creating some jewelry!!! Got some cool stones and some way cool lampwork beads and lots of wire and just kinda turned off my brain and turned on my fingers......and this is what happened (also had a distraction and you know who you are.....) which seemed to help keep my mind occupied and my body relaxed. When my brain isn't in "think mode"my pieces seem to turn out WAY more unique and eclectic.

Necklace is green Kyanite stick mixed with Thai silver, the abstract cuff is sterling wire with a beautiful Pink Peruvian Opal slab, and the bracelet is TONS of sterling wire and some beautiful lampwork beads and Carnelian and sterling heart dangles. Took about 9 feet of wire to wrap the core wire and then I oxidized it for a more rustic look. Ow!!!! My aching shoulder!!!!!

Well on to the next thing.....

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