Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Pics of Zeus and Zeppo and other ramblings.....

Made my first sale of 2009 - woohoo!!!! A funky copper wire heart fibula. I think hearts are gonna be sellin' big time since it's almost V day so I had better get off my butt and get going on some sweetheart jewelry items. Did make a copper heart pendant wrapped with S crystals last weekend, so at least I am getting a jump on some stuff. New shipment of sterling wire should be at my post office tomorrow so this w-end I will be in full creative mode. Have new lampwork beads on the way also. Can't wait to see those. I have tapped into some great lampwork artists and will post some pics as soon as I get the beads and make something.

Now about Zeus - Zeus is turning into a beautiful little man (only not so little - 70+ lbs now) with teeth that LOVE to chew. Everything is fair game - he is not picky and will chew anything he comes across. Favs seem to be my shoes, my socks, my shirts, my pillows, my coats, my purse, my computer, my mouse, my magazines, my tubs of jewelry stuff - anyone seeing a trend here? Of course he chews other items (floor tile, couch, chair, toilet paper, bedding) but seems to have a preference for mommies stuff. Such a sweet little boy.....(actually he is a lover boy and loves to kiss). But he is so sweet to his big bro Zeppo who is still hanging in there - he has his good days and his bad days. It's like Zeus knows that Zeppo just cannot take much rough play anymore. But they are sweet together especially when they sleep next to each other. I know that the sad time is coming.....but for now I will just enjoy the time we have with Zep.

4:00 am comes awful quick so I am going to be hitting the sheets shortly. Goodnight and be glad the w-end is almost here!!! Yeah!!!!!


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