Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WOW - 3 blogs in 2 days!!!!

Just wanted to say that going green is on everyone's mind, including mine. Especially with this dismal economy going south - jewelry and other types of art is about the last thing people are thinking about spending their hard-earned money on. So why not re-cycle those old, funky, worn-out pieces of jewelry into something fun and trendy? Have an old chunky turquoise and silver necklace that was really cool in the 70's but weighs about 5 lbs. and just doesn't quite fit with todays fashions? Maybe I can turn it into a showstopper bracelet or a great pair of earrings.

In my spare time I also search thrift stores and estate sales looking for gemstone jewelry that I can take apart, use the stones and re-design into something really trendy. A lot of old jewelry (and currently cheaper jewelry) was strung with string or fishing line and doesn't hold up well but the stones are still beautiful. I use 49-strand stainless steel wire to string my necklaces and bracelets - for strength and durability so your piece will last a lot longer. So send me photos of your old items and maybe we can design something really special just for you AND save you money.


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