Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 Days in a Row!!!

I am happy to say I have now blogged 2 days in a row!!!! That's a record for me that's for sure. I really have nothing to say today except for I have 2 giant humongous blisters from my 2-1/2 mile walk with Bodi last night. We had a good time walking into the wind and some really black clouds that were swirling overhead and making the sky look pretty darn knarly.......but we kept on truckin' and for those of you out there who think 2-1/2 miles isn't much of a jaunt - try walking a coonhound that distance. Soon my arms will look like Popeye's!!! But we enjoyed looking at all the pretty flowers blooming in everyone's yards and looking up at the Cascade foothills (still some snow on them) and wishing summer would hurry up and arrive. Although since I bought the Gentle Leader for Bodi, he does walk a heck of a lot better now and it's way more humane then a choke chain. Anyway he's a good dog but does have some ISSUES. When I get home from work he jumps, howls and barks uncontrollably at my husband. We are not sure why he does this - but he appears very excited when I get home, but then he jumps up at my husband and gets all crazy and howls, not even looking at me. Strange......but then he is a shelter dog and they do sometimes carry a lot of baggage with them. We will work through this and also through the "Bodi, stay off the counter" thing.

Enjoy your Tuesday.


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