Monday, May 11, 2009


Yes I forgot - my new "Vino Collection" - grape cluster earrings in Syrah (purple Amethyst and Crystal Pearls), Chardonnay (Green Aventurine) and Merlot (Garnet and dark red freshwater pearl). All with sterling silver earwires. Hope you like them. Price is $35/pair.

And also here is a pic of Bodi, our new Black and Tan Coonhound guy that we rescued from a shelter. He is a great dog - no manners - but a loverboy. They sometimes need a lot of your time to correct bad habits, but I highly recommend a shelter dog if you are looking for a good companion - they seem to know that you rescued them from a dismal fate and love you tremendously.


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  1. Sadie Cramer - City of MolallaMay 11, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    Hi Kim,

    My name is Sadie Cramer and I work at the City of Molalla. I am currently trying to create and launch a mural/arts commission in town, showcasing local artists. Our next meeting is tonight at 6:00PM at City Hall. We are taking about those 2 items and more. I have also partnered up with Like that Production, Kristy Wheeler and Lisa Banyard who are putting on Molalla's First Arts and Music Festival June 26-28th. They are currently looking for Artist to rent booth space, kick off the first one with a huge crowd, and vendors who rent spaces at the event are helping to create an Annual Mural and possible Artist Co-Op Gallery in the center of town. If you are interested or can spread the word to other artist it would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me at 503-829-6855 Ext 291 or at Either way I would love to meet you and other artists in our area. Input is vital in the success of this major community project.


    Sadie Cramer