Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beautiful summer day in Molalla

It's a beautiful summer day in Molalla, Oregon. The sun was just peeking over the hills as I was driving to work this morning, wishing I could stay home today. Perfect weather - in the high 70's. Great evening to be spending outside working on more jewelry projects for the Molalla Art & Music Festival this weekend. My husband J is suppose to be home making up some of our new "recycled" art pieces for the show. We are tapping into the "green" thing and making use of old glass bottles and jars - wire wrapping and turning them into flower vases and/or pots for small plants. (see pic above of first sample - ran out of wire so it isn't as cool as they will be). We'll see how they sell.

Hats off to Sadie, the Molalla City Recorder. She is attempting to bring the arts to a predominantly "cowboy/farming" town. It appears she has a lot of the local long-time residents on board with this (including me - although I am not a long-time resident, only since 2003). It will be a good thing for our little burb outside of Portland. Beautiful area with the Cascade foothills in the background, lots of pastures, woods and the gorgeous Molalla River flowing through the area. During the summer you can always smell the new mown hay in the fields - delightful smell, although I am allergic to it!!! Anyway, the plans include some historical murals and also an art gallery. Hopefully I will be able to showcase some of my jewelry in there. That would be cool. Of course it will never compete with the Buckeroo Rodeo that Molalla is known for the week of the 4th of July. I have been coming to the rodeo since I was a little kid. It's fun although now that I live in the area, I don't go as often. But I do sit out in my yard and watch the 4th of July parade and also the wonderful fireworks display after the rodeo ends on the 4th. It's pretty cool!!! Life in a small town - I like it!!!

I will keep you posted on how the art thing develops.


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