Monday, June 22, 2009

Molalla Art Festival and other ramblings......

I am hurridly trying to build up new inventory for Molalla Art & Music Festival this coming weekend Fri-Sun, but been so tired lately. New shelter dog Bodi takes a lot of my time and is a HUGE handful. Trying to overcome some major issues he came with. But we love him dearly and trying very hard to work these things out. Needing to tap into the shelter behavior person for advice quite a bit. Went to a class last week but it was mostly for NORMAL dogs that are adopted - not dogs that come with LOTS OF BAGGAGE!!!! So will have to schedule a one on one and perhaps that will help somewhat. He is so darn cute and definitely worth all the effort - but drawing blood on my husband doesn't go over real big at home.....! He panics, frets and suffers from major separation anxiety and panic attacks. All directed towards my husband. It is agression to a point - but he is very afraid that he will be beat. Apparently that seemed to be the way the previous owner handled Bodi's hyper hound dog personality. I cannot imagine even for a second beating an animal unless I was trying to save a life or something. I guess there are some people that just do not understand how to handle animals and don't know what else to do. Anyway, it is sad. And we are trying our best - because I feel we made a committment to this dog when I adopted him, to try and make this work out for all of us. He loves us very much and we love him also, and he has grown into a wonderful buddy for Zeus. So we will keep giving it our all.

Anyway, enough of that. I wanted to tell anyone out there that read my blog to rent the movie "Into the Wild" directed by Sean Penn. It is a wonderful movie based on a true story about a boy who graduates from college and was accepted to Harvard Law but decides to take off and trek around the country to the dismay of his parents. This film really made me think about life, and how screwed up it is sometimes. It focuses on all the quirky and interesting characters he meets throughout his travels and how he ends up in the Alaskan back country. It really is a good movie, but sad. I will definitely read the book now.

Well ciao for now. Have a great week.


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