Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Friday nite and I'm just bloggin'.....

Well I haven't blogged in awhile. Too lazy, too burned out, too stressed out, who knows. Been busy this summer working, doing the jewelry thing, attending art fairs, playing with pups, hanging out in the yard being lazy with a cold Corona in hand. The only news I really have is that I was accepted Wednesday night as a member to the 1st ever Molalla Arts Commission (MAC) which is pretty cool I think. The city wanted to start this commission to hopefully get people interested in bringing the arts to our little cow town. Our 1st meeting is next week so we'll see how this goes.
Made some new things - lots of bracelets and some cool earrings. Getting into the metal thing more and more. Just love working with that stuff. So many things you can do with a piece of metal. Especially copper - I just love me it just blends so cool against a tanned arm....I can admit it - I am a copper freak!!!! I am also partial to silver too, but copper really turns me on. Not so much a gold fan.
Since summer is going to be turning to fall sooner than I hope, I imagine my fingers will be busy on my keyboard more and more and you will be seeing (or reading) more of my babblings....
Until then.

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