Saturday, September 26, 2009

Falling leaves, wood smoke, crisp nights.......

My favorite time of year is finally here......AUTUMN. You can smell the wonderful smell of seasoned wood burning in the fireplaces and woodstoves (not good for the smog level but I luv it!!!) and the leaves are starting to turn beautiful shades of red and gold so Cesar and I can start playing in piles of leaves!!!!! It's also when I can curl up on the couch, underneath the warmth of my favorite quilt while listening to the rain fall on our metal roof, and fantasize about all the lovely things I want to create with some wire. Copper is my favorite metal and it seems to blend in ever so nicely with the colors of autumn, I love to get up in the morning on the weekend, take my steaming mug of coffee outside to my favorite resting spot (my adirondack chair underneath the apple tree) and let the last days of sunlight heat up my body while I search for ideas for new jewelry pieces in my yard. Hopefully I will be taking my first metalsmith class in November (I should find out next week) and get to increase my knowledge of working with sheet and patinas. I am looking forward to making my first bezel rings.

Anyway I thought it would be fitting to the season to post my pic of the lampworked leaf copper wire fibula I made.



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