Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Sucks!!!!

OMG it's cold out - a high of 32 in our town today. I am home sick with the flu wrapped in a fleece robe with sweats on also because it's so damn chilly in here. Went to bed last night at 5:30 and slept until 11:00 am this morning - cuddled up with two soft Labs. Labs make INCREDIBLE electric blankets. Hoping to feel good enough to go to work tomorrow.....have to pay the bills when the jewelry's not selling well.

This economy has put a huge damper on the arts.....that's for sure. Attended an art fair on Saturday and everyone said the same thing - SLOW SALES!!!! I sold a total of 4 pieces - not great at all for this time of year. Here are a couple of new pieces to show you. Copper bangle and a sterling silver bangle made with these great lampwork beads I bought off Etsy website.

Well here's hoping things will start looking up......come on Obama......start helping us out here....!!!!! Too many people are still un-employed including my husband.

Back to bed for me. Talk to you soon and maybe I'll actually start blogging more - that IS one of my many NY goals.......


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