Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunny Saturday at the Gresham Art Walk

It was a beautiful Saturday when the sun finally came out around 2ish.  Before that I was freezing to death because I dressed for 80 degrees - not 50!!!  Other than that, it was a great show - beautiful venue, tons of people, music, food, cute dogs and lots of friends and family coming out to support me.  Thanks so much.  I sold quite a bit of jewelry, which is always great.  The show itself was one of the best run shows I have ever attended!!!  A big thank you to all the volunteers who seemed to be everywhere to help all the artists whether it be watch their booths for a break, or bringing us food and/or water.  They were really appreciated.  My good friend Paul, the metal sculpter, re-furbished the sign he made for me and it really turned out beautiful, although the picture does not do it justice.  Thanks so much do rock!!!!!!

Not sure where I will be at next - that's TBD. 

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