Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to All!!!

Well I haven't posted in awhile. Been pretty burned out lately and taking a break from jewelry. But now 2009 is here and I am starting to feel the creative juices flowin' again.....yea baby!!!! Happy 2009 to everyone and hopefully this will be a WAY better year for the whole world - and maybe bring peace and happiness to all. I am looking forward to a brand new president and think this is a good change for us all here in the USA. Obama you rock!!!!!!



  1. visited your website and your wire work is interesting... haven't gotten to that quite yet. i'm still a beginner in my book. [although i made nearly 2 dozen pieces for Christmas presents! lol] some have asked me if i sell mine, and so far i do not. how did you make the leap into selling your work? thanks for any advice!

  2. Hi Tracie, thanks for visiting my blog. I made the leap after selling numerous items to co-workers and friends, then decided to do a Christmas bazaar. People suggested I get a website so I designed one, made up business cards and jumped in with both feet. There are easier and quicker ways then this but I was not aware of them at the time. You could start by listing some items on Etsy. It is inexpensive and a great way to get your stuff out there. Join some of the forums on Etsy or other jewelry sites also. Make sure you take really good pictures - your pictures sell your stuff. I am still working on the quality of my pics.

    So go for it and keep me posted. Send me some pics of your jewelry - would love to see them.


  3. thanks for the advice Kim!! i so appreciate it. :D send me your email and i'll be happy to send ya some pics. i do plan to post a few of the pieces i made for presents, but haven't gotten to it
    just posted the new pics of my hobby room, with the wall treatment you mentioned. it is paint!

  4. got it! thanks!! will be emailing you soon. :D